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Las Olas Baja
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When veteran Las Olas Surf instructor and World Longboard Champion, Kristy Murphy, described her "secret spot" with her trademark enthusiasm, she easily lured our crew to test the location first hand. Her timing was perfect. For years, we've searched for another beginner surf destination to match our Central Mexico location. An expedition was launched and the surfbreak was tested. After days of careful research, the votes were in- Kristy's secret spot was excellent for the newest Las Olas Surf Safari, Baja Sur. Baja Sur is hosted in a quaint Mexican village where the Sierra de la Laguna mountains meet the Pacific Ocean. It's about an hour shuttle north of Cabo San Lucas at the southernmost tip of the serene Baja Peninsula.


The Community
Referred to by the Mexican people as "pueblo magico", the village is hideout to artists, surfers, Bohemians, and a thriving local Mexican population. Just minutes from prime surfing locales, the pueblo is a literal oasis loaded with vibrant culture and rich history. The surrounding chaparral is stark contrast to the mangos, papayas, and dark green avocados flourishing due to the natural spring bubbling up in the center of town and the hard work of the community. Laid back, friendly locals stroll the town square with the spirit of hospitality from morning into the evening.

Gift shops, art galleries, and charming old-world architecture surround each colorful, locally owned bistro often featuring organic food and refreshing cocktails, all steps from your room at our classic, boutique hotel.


Your Accommodations
The builders of your hotel were definitely not afraid of color, but what makes the design exceptional is how they used vibrant hues in contrast with local themes. The environment throughout is an excellent example the artists' personal design flair in combination with classic and abstract inspiration. It all comes together to create one of Mexico's favorite hideaways.

Each guest room is remarkably unique starting with the abstract artwork adorning the walls. Antique details beautifully frame the modern masterpieces, while bougainvillea framed enclaves provide the perfect repose for conversation or recharging for tomorrow's surf. Soft light and cool ocean air bounce off the brightly colored walls and spark a sense of spontaneous fun.

Enjoy an evening cocktail with your newfound friends at any one of the three lively, colorful bars with selections in fine tequila perfect for sipping or mixing in frosty margaritas, or just order a refreshing cerveza with lime wedge and settle in. Relax at the pool-side cabana or sit down to a delicious meal in one of hotel's cozy dining areas. Later, take a stroll through the Gallery Shop next door featuring original artwork and rare treasures to remind you of your stay at this magical place.


The Surfbreak
Our favorite beach is a vast and pristine stretch of sand that rolls out to meet endless long board waves up and down the coast. We like the sandy bottom for first time pop-ups and bottom turns. The gentle beach-break allows for smooth take offs, and with plenty of waves for everyone, you'll find this location to be one of the most friendly surf spots in Mexico.

Sitting on your board, the gentle sway of the ocean rolls beneath you. Absorb the surrounding views and the joyful sounds of whales frolicking in the distance. The brilliant blue ocean meets the land, leading your eyes to the lofty mountains above surrounding this stunning sanctuary.

Later, settle in the shade of a palapa you'll find at the cozy cabana. There you can grab a bite and sip a toast to this perfect beachcombers clubhouse with some of the friendliest service and cleanest baños around. Get inspired while watching the surf and relaxing in the gentle breezes.



Contact Us For More Information
We're happy to answer any questions you have about Las Olas, and will keep you updated on future surf safaris.





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Where there is art, fine dining is never far behind. With more than it's fair share of praise from food and wine magazines, the creative ambience adds flair to your dining experience that you not only taste, but truly feel.

Indulge in the some of the freshest and most succulent seafood or try one of the many delectable vegetarian selections made from the finest locally grown organic produce. Whether you prefer Mexican or European style cooking, you'll find something to suit your taste at one of the many renowned cafes surrounding your landmark hotel.

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