Hurricane Patricia Has Moved On

by Bev Sanders on October 30, 2015

Thank you everyone for your outpouring of concern and support about Hurricane Patricia sent over the weekend! Like many, we spent the past few days glued to our screens watching “the biggest storm ever recorded” barrelling down on Mexico.

We’re relieved to post that Hurricane Patricia missed Las Olas. The community took necessary precautions, but once the threat passed, life was quickly back to normal.

Former Las Olas coach Octavia who lives in the area with her family reported Sunday that the kids were out surfing and enjoying the swell.

Local fisherman and super-surfer Regis said they all pulled their boats off the beach in preparation for the worst, but later checked in with a simple report– “Nothing happened”.

It was a different story down south. Our head surf coach Aynsley lives directly in the path of Hurricane Patricia’s 165mph winds. She and her fiancé Alex hunkered down and rode it out together with his family.

Of course, we were all worried sick until she used the last of her phone’s battery on Saturday to report the storm had passed and everyone was safe. She thanked the hundreds of Las Olas ladies for their concern and good wishes. (What a network we’ve created over the years!)

Our hearts go out to those affected in other areas of Mexico. There’s a lot of clean up ahead, but the resilience of these communities is nothing short of amazing.

We look forward to a fantastic Las Olas Season 19 officially beginning on November 8th. And Patricia? She’s not invited.

See you in the waves,

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