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by Bev Sanders on August 7, 2015

Originally from Huntington Beach, Krista Jaspers learned to surf as a nine-year-old junior lifeguard. At 15, her parents bought her her first surfboard, a custom 9’0 Robert August “What I Ride” model (painted to look like Wingnut’s board from Endless Summer II).

Since she’s surfed all her life, she’s about to get more of a really good thing.

As the winner of the recent Win a Las Olas Surf Safari contest, Krista will be attending one of our Mas Olas sessions in November. Mas Olas is our newest program designed for surfer girls wanting to up their game. Good thing, because by the looks of these photos, Krista has the basics down pat. She’s also a fan of sea turtles, so she’ll be able to participate in that magical experience as well.

“I’ve always loved surfing but began riding more after my dad passed away in 2008. Surfing was there when I needed it most,” she said. From our brief conversation, it was evident that she helped her father through a long illness and misses him still.

Krista lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, and works at Pacific Risa, an organization supporting coastal communities adapting to the impacts of climate change.

“Seea called me at work with the good news. I didn’t recognize the number so I sent it to voicemail. Halfway through the message, I was running down the hallway to my boss’ office to tell her. We were both jumping up and down screaming—as quietly as we could.”

Since there were thousands of entries, I had to ask how she got so lucky.
Krista and friend.
“I’m not sure, I enter a lot of photo contests, but those are more about skill and strategy – winning this contest was about PURE LUCK and doing more of what I love. Two weeks ago, I was swimming with manta rays on a surf trip to Maui. I watched a Shark Week show about oceanic mantas in Mexico and thought it would be so cool to go there too. I just put it out there, hoping I’d win.”

And she did. We can’t wait to surf with this lucky lady. Let’s hope her boss approves vacation time.

More About the Contest
Krista won a Las Olas Surf Safari, complete with airfare, a $250 gift card to Seea swimwear, and beauty gift bag from LovelySkin body care.

Entries were compiled electronically and given a unique numerical value. generated the winning number. Didn’t win? Stay tuned—more contests coming soon!

See you in the waves,

Bev Sanders is founder and president of Las Olas Surf Safaris for Women and editor-in-chief of Jennifer’s Journey, the online travel portal for women adventurers. She started surfing at 44 continuing her lifelong pursuit of introducing women to sports. You’ll find her and husband Chris on the beach in Mexico throughout the surf season.

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