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by Bev Sanders on March 28, 2013

Having just returned from spending two wonderful weeks at Las Olas, I’m not exactly ready to be back at my desk. So, this surfing video came at precisely the right moment and I just have to share it with you.

The surfer is Julie Cox, a Las Olas surf instructor and, in my opinion, the most graceful surfer in the universe. If you’ve been receiving Las Olas emails or visited SurfLasOlas.com, you’re familiar with Julie.

“Finessing the Wave” demonstrates a confident, feminine approach to surfing. Julie is focused and deliberate as she skillfully executes each move with ease. And, when she takes chances and pushes too far, she corrects so gracefully. Life should be this easy, right?

Hopefully this will inspire you- whether surfing with us or surfing through life. Her inspiration is worth the distraction.

Julie Cox Video
Award-winning film by Mary Piller featuring the California surfer Julie Cox, former pro-longboarder, surfboard designer, and Las Olas surf coach. Filmed in February 2012 in Southern California.

Hang 5 bikini photo by Lori Adamski-Peek.

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