Car-Free at Surf Camp

by Bev Sanders on April 15, 2012

“Will I need a car at Las Olas?”

It’s a common question asked by our guests. The answer? Absolutely not. After we meet you at the airport and shuttle to your villa, you won’t need a car again for a week. Surfing, shopping, dining, yoga, and massage are all steps from your terrace. It’s one of the most relaxing aspects of the Las Olas experience.

I’ve always lived in walking towns, so I appreciate the pace of our village in Mexico. Back when we started Las Olas it was a goal that we take a little break from freeways and parking lots.

It’s not that I dislike cars so much, I’ve just lost my love affair with the automobile after my last ride, the GM EV1 electric car. You may remember it as the star of Who Killed the Electric Car? It was clean, quiet, and never needed an oil change or stop at a gas station. $8 per month to charge and it was zippy quick. I dreamed that we saw the end of noisy, smelly gas cars and were on our way to a cleaner, quieter future. Surfboard on the rack, my electric car was the perfect beach buggy.

When GM demanded the car back (they only leased them), I refused to give it up and offered to pay for it outright. No deal. When the tow truck arrived to haul my little sprite away, I was helpless to do anything. (Insert Beach Boys T-bird reference here.) Of course, I grabbed my surfboard, but it hit me that I was witnessing a solution to one of our greatest challenges, hauled to the scrap heap before it had chance to fly.

My friends and neighbors held a mock funeral to lighten the mood. Somebody brought beer and balloons. The local TV news arrived and got the story. I wore bright floral pants for my interview. (For some reason, I always remember what I wore on key occasions.)

After that day, I went from being the local Jane Jetson zipping around town in her EV1 to a gal who pretty much walks everywhere. I got over it, but I’ve yet to buy another car. I just moved closer in and when I’m at surf safari, I’m delighted to walk everywhere.

So no, you won’t need a car at Las Olas. Enjoy a car-free break as a barefoot surfer girl. And that gives me a charge.

Bev Sanders is founder and president of Las Olas Surf Safaris for Women. She started surfing at 44 continuing her lifelong pursuit of introducing women to sports.

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