A Gift to Roz ~ From Your Sisters of the Sea

by Bev Sanders on April 10, 2011

I’ve always admired determined women, especially women who push beyond their physical and emotional boundaries. I especially admire her when her effort is on behalf of our planet that’s being pushed beyond its own boundaries.

Roz Savage is one of those determined women.

As the first woman to row solo across both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, Roz is about to cross the Indian Ocean in her one-woman rowboat, Sedna, the Inuit goddess of the sea. She’s on a mission to raise environmental awareness and inspire us to take action on vital issues facing our world today– one stroke at a time.

“So what gave me the idea to row oceans?” she reflected, ”It was like the idea found me. And once it had found me, it wouldn’t let go.”

I met Roz in Monterey, California last summer when she was attending the Blue Ocean Film Festival as part of a women’s environmental group called Pleiades. She was wearing a glittery top and looked a bit like a mermaid, I thought. She expressed that she would love to go surfing at Las Olas.

Another determined woman, Julia Butterfly Hill had that same focused enthusiasm. You may remember her two-year sit in the branches of a 180′ redwood tree? I was so impressed with her defiant heroism that I asked her to be our guest at Las Olas surf safaris. She learned to surf with us, and in turn taught us a thing or two about awareness. To this day, I consider my environmental footprint in most decisions I make.

Roz doesn’t know it yet, but once she begins crossing the Indian Ocean, I’ll offer her my gift of the sea, a complimentary Las Olas Surf Safari. It’s an incentive to row, row, row her boat for all of us!

Thank you Roz!

To learn more about Roz or sponsor a mile visit:  http://www.rozsavage.com/

Let’s all cheer her on by sending good thoughts out into the sea.

Roz is co-patron of a campaign to make the 2012 London Olympics plastic bag free. You can help Roz’s cause by signing the petition below. I just signed it!


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