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by Bev Sanders on March 16, 2011

Last week, the phone rang at daybreak. I let it go to message and drifted back to sleep. But then a calm, but stern female voice broadcasted an automated message through the tiny answering machine speaker. She reported an earthquake somewhere off the coast of Japan triggered a tsunami that was now only hours away from our coastal village in California. Within minutes, we were scanning international news on TV and streaming amateur videos off YouTube, instantly sharing the effects of the unfolding tragedy. We texted warnings to friends close by and scanned the horizon for any sign of big waves rolling in from Japan. Even my mother-in-law way up in the mountains called to check on us.

I witnessed the tragedy overseas in real-time on the computer while I prepared for the wave energy that was racing across the Pacific towards us. It was hard to believe it left Asia just hours ago. At that moment, I felt connected to Japan on many levels.

At Las Olas, we believe we’re part a a tribe who live, work, and play near the ocean. Because of this, we share a special bond with those along the coastline of Japan and want to help in any way we can. To start, Las Olas will donate $100 to the International Red Cross for all safari sign ups through March 31, 2011.

The tsunami hit California as predicted, but we were lucky where I live. No one was hurt. No damage. I’m grateful. Now it’s time to help.

You may also make a personal contribution of your own through the Red Cross.

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