The Las Olas Perfect (and perfectly adjustable) Mexican Margarita

by Bev Sanders on March 10, 2011

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Los Ingredientes

Tequila ~ Not expensive sipping tequila, but something respectable. Cheap tequila makes bad margaritas. We like El Jimador; it’s smooth and not too expensive.

Orange liqueur ~ Triple Sec, Cointreau or Patron Citronage are all nice.

Simple syrup, or sugar water.

Fresh squeezed lime juice. The small pre-ripe yellow/green limes yield the most juice, if you can find them. The large dark green mature limes are drier.

Note: the combination of simple syrup and fresh squeezed lime juice eliminates the need for pre-fab margarita mix… which makes icky margaritas.

Ice and salt.


If you’re mixing for a party, it’s a good idea to squeeze lots of limes in advance. The lime squeezing process will slow you down if not. A good lime squeezer comes in handy. Squeeze a pint or more of lime juice if you really want to be well prepared. This takes something like 50-100 limes, depending on size and ripeness.

Also cut some lime slices for garnishes, and spread a layer of salt in a saucer for rimming glasses.


Note: Quantities of specific ingredients here are not exact. Differences in personal preferences (tart versus sweet, strong versus weak) can easily be accommodated by adjusting the quantities to achiever your own ‘perfect’ margarita.

For 3-4 blended margaritas (depending on glass size) fill your blender ALMOST full of ice.

Pour 6 shots of tequila over the ice.

Pour 4 shots of orange liqueur over ice.

Pour a small splash of simple syrup.

Pour a larger splash of lime juice.

• With these 4 ingredients added, the blender should be about half (or slightly more than half) full of liquid.

Blend until smooth.

Rim glasses… first wet rim with a wedge of lime, then kiss in salt.

Pour, garnish and enjoy!


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