Connection and Coincidence

by Bev Sanders on February 24, 2011

The best part of my job is meeting Las Olas guests. After so much fun in the
sun, our conversations always turn to our connections. This week has been no

One guest set out to learn to surf so she could ride the waves with her sister,
Jennifer. I lost my sister Jennifer four years ago to cancer and this is the
anniversary of her passing.

Parents of two other sisters on safari this week have a home in my neighborhood
on the Monterey Peninsula. And they’ve also skied in Indiana where I taught
eons ago. (What are the odds in meeting anyone who’s skied in the Midwest,
let alone on a surf safari?)

Another guest’s mom lives near in my hometown in Massachusetts.

And here’s a good one: Two ladies, who did not know each other before Las Olas,
discovered they will soon be working together in the same firm in NYC! One
starts her new job when she returns from vacation, the other has been with
the firm for some time. Of course, now they’re sisters of the sea.

And two of our alumnae, one on her third safari, the other on her fourth, claim
our instructors are the best. (Now that’s no coincidence.)

It’s such a small world and I’m happy to be part of it.

~bev sanders, Founder of Las Olas

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