How To Manifest a Surf Vacation

by Bev Sanders on October 12, 2010

As a kid, I was expert in the art of visualization. I believed I could manifest anything into reality.
Like most kids, I daydreamed about roller skates, a brand new bicycle, or my very own puppy. To manifest my reality, my bedroom wall became my vision board. Unimpressed, my dad suggested I sell Kool Aid. Looking back, I admit the beverage business helped, but success came by the power of my unwavering focus. That’s what kids do.
Then I saw only possibilities, but as a distracted adult it’s harder to make my dreams a reality. That’s why vision boards are making a comeback. The power of visualization is still an effective way to achieve one’s goals.
No matter what you’re daydreaming about, don’t forget what you knew as a young girl– that life is to be enjoyed and that dreams are meant to come true. So if you imagine yourself learning to surf at Las Olas, dream about it every day, make your Kool Aid, but don’t give up your dream.
We promise you that you’ll gain some of your visionary power back, and then some, the same power you knew as a girl.

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