Love Your Surfboard ~ A Silly Mistake Leads to Something Good

by Bev Sanders on September 20, 2010

Many years ago, I went surfing at Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz. I’d just gotten a shiny, beautiful new board. I hesitated to wax it up and take it out for the first time, but the waves looked so fun and inviting. Excited to get out in the water, I waxed the board quickly and attached the leash—the wrong way.

Sitting among the other surfers in the lineup, I felt great. I was out there on my own board. I may have been new to this crowded spot, but I did know enough to wait for my turn before taking a wave. I was probably too courteous, and waited much too long, but finally, a wave came to me. And with it, a lesson.

It was a fine wave. I rode it as best I could and jumped off at the end … and the leash somehow separated from the board! My new board took its own surf safari and was swept onto the rocks. No longer perfect and new, my beautiful new board now had an ugly ding on the rail.

The good thing about this incident is that it was a motivating factor in launching Las Olas surf safaris—so that other women wouldn’t have to make that mistake. At each Las Olas safari, we offer the Love Your Surfboard workshop. We’ll teach you how to purchase and care for your first surfboard, wax it properly, and give it a long life.

Love Your Surfboard is taught by Mike McDaniel who has worked with me since 1992; first as a manager at Avalanche Snowboards and now, for 8 years as a dedicated Operations Manager at Las Olas. Mike is a seasoned surfer and passionate collector of vintage surf and snowboards. He’s enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and many years of experience. And to prevent any more dinged-up surfboards, we include tips on the proper way to attach a leash.

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