Mi Mexico, Mi Amor

by Bev Sanders on August 6, 2010

When I read about hardship in parts of Mexico it affects me deeply. For over two decades, I’ve traveled and worked with our neighbors to the south. My experience continues to be rich and wonderful.

My Mexico is

where the fish is fresh,

the smoothies are made with handpicked fruit,

where my niece can walk to the market all by herself,

and people say “¡Buenas dias!” as she passes by.

My Mexico is

where flip-flops means dressing up,

where I never need a sweater

and I never drive a car,

where the cafes and boutiques are owned by my neighbors

and kids still play in the town square.

My Mexico is

a short walk to the beach,

where the water is warm,

and the locals share their waves

and laugh a lot.

My Mexico is

where I erase the line in the sand

and play on the beach.

* The surfer featured above is local chica, Sofia. A gifted artisan, chef, and  massage therapist, Sofia has been an important part of the Las Olas crew for over ten years.

With the encouragement Las Olas surf coaches, Sofia was of one of the first women to surf in Mexico. Now there are many local woman and girls who surf.

Gracias amiga!

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