The 2010 Las Olas Surf Safari Scholarship Goes To…

by Bev Sanders on August 4, 2010

As women, we create life, we nurture, we heal, we hold our families and communities together, we defend those we love, and we survive hardship. Our energy is infinite. The nomination essays we received portraying the challenges and victories women have experienced prove that we can do anything.

Throughout the Las Olas Surf Safaris Scholarship process, every submission revealed yet another reason why we will never lose hope, and why we should always look ahead.

Together, we had to choose one woman’s story.

In the end, one submission in particular epitomized boundless and healing feminine strength. Like the ocean, the ebb and flow of her life journey took her to places no one should ever go, but she returned stronger. What’s even more poignant is that her sponsor wrote that her wish was to someday go surfing.

So, guess who’s going surfing?

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