Let Yoga and Surfing Take You Deeper Into Your Practices and Your Life.

by Morag Sewell on May 19, 2010

Are You a Snorkeler or a Deep Sea Diver?

Have you ever felt like the stars are aligned? That rainbows are forming arcs over your head? That angels are flying and life is full of magic and endless possibilities?

We have all experienced moments where everything in life seems to be going our way.

The sky is blue, the birds sing sweet songs, and the sun seems to be shining just for us.

Sadly, I assume that there are a larger number of people who have trouble accessing this place of harmony and wonder, but who desperately desire the experience. Thankfully, I believe that everyone can develop their own method of accessing this place of bliss. Allow me to share mine:

The journey for me involves a combination of yoga and surfing. It amazes me that my practice and dedication to both have brought me exactly where I want to be, at every given moment of my life.

Why yoga and surfing? The answer is focus, strength, and balance.

In the water, on the yoga mat, and in every aspect of my life, I have found that the more I practice these attributes, the more accessible this place of rainbows and angels becomes. Someone once told me a funny analogy about the three types of humans in the world. There are snorkelers, those who stay at the surface at all times, and then there are snorkelers who occasionally pop down for a closer inspection of something very beautiful, but don’t stray too far from the top. Finally, there are scuba divers who aren’t afraid to go deep and explore the vast world below and around them. Whether you are a snorkeler or a free-spirited diver, a small taste of yoga or surfing, or a combination of the two, will surely help you go deeper into your practice and into your life.

Some of us have a family, a seventy-hour work week, and not enough time to dedicate to either, but if the desire is there, then you are on the right track and the possibilities are endless. All it takes are a few simple changes:

Upon Awakening

Dedicate the first ten minutes of your morning to a simple sun salutation practice. Get the stale blood flowing, breathe fresh oxygen into sleepy tight muscles, and give yourself the gift of practice and peace. If you are landlocked, but fantasize every day about water and the possibility of playing in the waves, how about an all girls surf flick playing in the background? Try Dear & Yonder, with our favorite surf star, Ashley Lloyd, while you practice to keep that intention and desire.

Stretch and Breathe to Enhance Your Oneness With the Waves

For those who already surf but are looking for more balance in your surfing, yoga works wonders. If your surfing has started to plateau and you are anxious to revisit that place when you felt like you were improving every single session, then yoga could be your answer. Again, strength, focus, and balance will prevail and begin to lead the charge. Ask a few of surfing’s gurus: Kelly Slater, Laird Hamilton, and Gerry Lopez, and without a doubt they will attribute some amount of their successes to a strong yoga practice. Here is a simple sequence that, combined with your time in the water, will surely kick things up a notch. Try incorporating this before or after your surf:

Sun salutations

Eagle pose

Dancer pose

Camel pose


Upward Facing Bow


For the surface snorkelers out there, if this sounds like a far off world, a place you have only gone in your starry dreams, I recommend taking a dive down deep to the scuba diver in you. Come and visit me in Mexico and experience the magic of these practices firsthand.

Together, surfing and yoga make a nourishing combination for body and soul. Yoga is grounding and strengthening, and warm water surfing is sweet.

You’ll feel balanced and go to depths you’ve never been before.

The sun will seem to be shining just for you.

Morag is the head surf instructor and yoga teacher (certified in Hatha at the 200 hour level) at Las Olas. She is an outdoor sports enthusiast and loves to pass on her passion for living in everything she does.

“In truth, it matters less what we do in practice than how we do it and why we do it. The same posture, the same sequence, the same meditation with a different intention takes on an entirely new meaning and will have entirely different outcomes”

-Donna Farhi

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