I See the Sea

by Bev Sanders on May 5, 2010

The poem below was written by my niece Juliet Sanders, who at twelve years of age still has the power to see the ocean and the world around her through fresh and inspired eyes. This is a power we as women all have, and we tap into it when we play, when we surf, and sometimes when we simply revel in all that nature has to offer: the waves, the birds, ourselves. Remember the girl inside today in all that you do. Remember that happy young being who sees all the beauty of the the world; who plays in it with a joyful heart and who longs for nothing more than to stay a little longer at the beach.

Reconnecting with the girl in us can be as simple as visiting the ocean at sunset and watching the sea as its colors change.  When we appreciate the perfection of a simple seashell, when we take pictures of the beauty of nature with our mind so we can remember the peace it brings us, we are transforming again from women back into the girls we once were.

I See the Sea by Juliet Sanders

Note: Juliet is the daughter of Jackie Sanders, Director of Guest Services at Las Olas.

I see the sea

The deep blue shining bright

The sea birds squawk

As the day turns to night

The sun goes down and I feel a chill

The beautiful sunset gives me a thrill

The colors are brilliant orange and red

I don’t want to go home and get into bed

The silence is broken by the honk of my car

The sound is quite loud so I hadn’t walked far

I steal a glance at the waves one last time

The color has changed to a deep blue from lime

The seagulls squawk sadly as they watch me go home

They fly out of the water, they fly out of the foam

I get into my car and take one last look

At the waves and the seashells, the ones I almost took

The car starts and we drive down the road

I turn on the radio, but change the mode

My mom turns to me and asks me what’s wrong

I say, “I love the beach but the drive is too long”

My mom looks out the window and says nothing more

I know our talk is over so I stare at the floor

I browse through the pictures that I took with my mind

I stop at one of a seashell that was a great find

Now I say goodbye, thanks for listening to me

Just remember to go out and see the sea

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1 kaybess March 14, 2011 at 10:01 pm

Beautiful! You are a natural poet! Keep observing and writing and sharing… and keep going to the sea :-)

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