10 Good Reasons Why Women Should Learn to Surf

by Bev Sanders on March 9, 2010

How you can stay forever young and still change the world?

1.  Remember the little girl who loved to play?  Surfing helps you find her.

2.  Surfing helps you develop your balance, both on your surfboard and in your life.

3.  Surfing stirs intuition.  It helps you connect with things you were born knowing… like how to have fun.

4.  Surfing is a healthy addiction. It’s the one workout that won’t ever get old.

5.  Each surfer develops her own technique. Surf your way and show your style.

6.  Surfing is sure to impress someone you love.

7.  Surfing connects you to a tribe. Surf buddies last forever.

8.  Surfing teaches patience.  Not every wave is yours, but waiting and sharing are essential to the experience.

9.  Surfing keeps you forever young.

10. Surfing helps you fit into your swimsuit, jeans, chair, world, etc.

11. Surfing is empowering.  Empowered women change the world.

by Bev Sanders, Founder of Las Olas Surf Safaris for Women

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