Julia Butterfly Hill Writes About the Powerful Girl Within

by Julia Butterfly Hill on March 3, 2010

Forward by Bev Sanders

Many words describe my friend Julia Butterfly Hill- lovely, strong, graceful, effective, and independent, but after braving 738 days in the canopy of Luna, a majestic redwood tree, I add the word ‘fearless’. Her brave and inspiring action brought international attention to the plight of overlogging California’s ancient redwoods. She will forever be recognized as a heroine; a powerful voice for our environment.

Years ago I was so impressed by Julia’s courage, I asked her to join us as my guest at Las Olas surf safaris for women in appreciation of her dedication. After watching her catch her first waves, I remember she could hardly stop laughing long enough to sit on her board.

Julia learned to surf that week and we learned how we all can make a difference. Below she shares a poem to remind us of the powerful girl within.

By Julia Butterfly Hill

We women…

we are like the Ocean.

Fluid and fierce,

gentle and gigantic,

we flow with the rhythms of the moon.

We women…

all the ways we have tied ourselves down,

not realizing we are Ocean,

bigger than even we know ourselves to be.

We women…

losing touch somewhere along the way

with the girl inside

and what the word “girl”

means to us, and only us.

The sheer magic and gift



All the ways we have been made

to feel shamed,




It is time to


all the ways we have negated

our beautiful existence

and embrace

the magical


of the Oceanic Universe

of our exist-dance.

We women…

remembering again

how to dance and play

with our wild, wonderful





julia butterfly hill

Julia Butterfly Hill

Julia’s bestselling book, The Legacy of Luna, is available in 11 languages, followed by her environmental “handbook”, One Makes the Difference. Her story has inspired millions around the globe to take action in their own communities.

Click here to visit Julia’s website.

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