How Surfing Changed My Life

by Bev Sanders on February 23, 2010

If I was told that I would redirect my entire life because of a single experience, I would have ignored the idea. I had heard of this happening to other people, but I never thought much about it or connected the phenomenon to my world. I’ve always felt these types of experiences either inspired someone to move in a direction they were already moving toward – or the experience was so earth-shattering it forced them to change.

But that was before I learned to surf.

I would never have expected an activity so obvious, so typical, would get under my skin – but surfing my first waves gave me a new sense of clarity. It reawakened the sure-footed confidence that helped me break from my two-decade career as cofounder and marketing director of a successful snowboard company. As much as I tried to fit into that role, I was only trying to find a place for myself and other women in a male dominated sport and industry.

Playing in the waves, I reconnected to that part of myself that was independent, joyful, and free.  I suddenly  knew exactly what I wanted to do with the next chapter in my life. I would share my new sense of freedom by teaching surfing: I would make girls out of women and soon launched Las Olas surf safaris for women, a program offering women of all ages the chance to learn and enjoy surfing  in a relaxed, non competitive environment.

Again and again, I hear stories from our alumnae of their own experience of learning to surf has spilled into their lives and the positive energy that returns home with them and has helped them renew their connection with themselves and the world around them.

It’s exciting to know that these women were able to change their lives for the better, simply because I decided to change mine.

How has surfing changed your life?

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