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Questions on Las Olas Summer:

I have never surfed. Is Las Olas a good place to learn?
Las Olas is an incredible place to learn. The surf break is a great beginner's wave, the water is warm, and you will have the best cheering squad you could ever ask for.

Am I too _______________ to surf?
(Insert word of your choice: old, heavy, wimpy, scared, hyper, etc.)
Surfing is a sport practiced more and more by women of all body types, ages and backgrounds. There is no guarantee that you'll become the next champion surfer or that you'll quit your job and search the world for the perfect wave, but splashing around at the edge of the ocean can be a life altering experience. How it effects you is intimate and is not based on anyone else's perceptions. If you are in reasonably good physical condition and have the desire to try surfing for whatever reason, you can surf.

Do I have to be a good swimmer?
Naturally, surfing happens in the ocean a short distance from the shore. For a positive surf experience, we require that our guests be in relatively good physical condition, competent swimmers and comfortable in the ocean. Panic can be your worst response in the water. We don't recommend Las Olas safaris for women who are pregnant, have major health problems, existing injuries, or who take medication that would restrict swimming, breathing, or impair good judgment. Each guest is required to assess her own abilities and conditions when deciding to join the safari.

I'm going by myself. Is that o.k.?
Most definitely, but by the time you leave Las Olas, you may have at least a dozen new girlfriends. We encourage solo women of all ages and backgrounds; it makes for a rich holiday experience.

Can I bring my own surfboard?
Of course! But check with your airline regarding extra charges and restrictions (some may not transport long boards). We have a variety of custom shaped Las Olas longboards at 8 and 9 foot plus we also have "foamy" longboards for more flotation and comfort when starting out.

What exercises can I do to prepare for my surfing adventure?
Push ups, push ups and more push ups, but any upper body strengthening is helpful to surfers. Try swimming and weight training, too. Also, yoga is wonderful for flexibility and balance.

What type of break is it?
The gentle beach-break features a sandy bottom which makes this location a great beginner friendly spot.

Are there sharks?
Yes, there are sharks in the ocean, but the ocean is pretty big and we stay right along the shore. In all the years we've held Las Olas in Mexico we've not seen a shark nor heard of an attack in the area. If they are in the vicinity, they seem to keep to themselves.

What time of year is the "best time" to go on a surf safari?
We never schedule sessions during busy holiday periods or during the rainy season. November - February sessions are typically cooler than those scheduled during spring and summer months. It all depends on your preference as to which time is best to go. Waves can vary from month to month, season to season.

What is a typical day at Las Olas?
* Yoga (usually in the morning, but sometimes there may be an evening class)
* Breakfast
* Surf lessons
* Lunch in town
* Supervised free surf
* Afternoon activities
* Dinner and surprises

What time do I schedule my flight and which airport do I fly into?
The first and last day of your trip are travel days. You should book your flight to arrive in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico between the hours of 1pm and 5pm local time. These are the hours that the Las Olas shuttles are available. If you are arriving earlier than 1pm or later than 5pm, we can give you easy directions to your villa. All the cab drivers know the way.

Do I need a wetsuit?
November through March might be more fun in the early morning and evening if you have a spring suit or a neoprene "surf shirt". If you have one, bring it.


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