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Your Day at Las Olas Summer  ::   Surfing and activities are scheduled to best suit your pace, but never feel obligated to make every event. We never forget this is your safari and you may choose to explore the village, walk on the beach, shop, or relax. Below is a typical day at Las Olas: (*Check our rates and dates pages for specific safari inclusions)


• Yoga
• Breakfast
• Surf Lessons

• Lunch
• Surf with your instructor
• Afternoon activity
• Dinner


Breathing, stretching, and relaxing is widely known as the essential warm up to a good day of surfing. What better way to loosen up than yoga amidst the dancing palms and sea breezes?

Each day you may join our certified yoga instructor for a series of surf specific stretches. The movements are matched to the muscles you'll be using during your surf instruction. Our yoga classes are paced to the individual; the instructor will tune exercises to meet your needs.

Yoga doesn't fit your schedule today? No worries, nothing is required. So, come when you want and get a glorious stretch in this tropical paradise before paddling out.

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Balancing on your board, paddling for waves, and popping up over and over will introduce you to muscles you didn't know you had. Las Olas surf massage is tailored to release the knots and knuckles that can develop from active surfing.

Our therapists are surfers themselves trained at massage schools throughout the world. They are skilled in a variety of techniques; if you have a preference, just ask.

Warm afternoon breezes will flow through her fingers as she works out the details of another day in the waves.

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