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Welcome to the Las Olas media resources. As the world's premiere surf safaris for women, our relationship with the media continues to be an important one. If you are affiliated with the press, media sources or a freelance journalist with proof of assignment, please contact us for a CD with photos and text. If you would like to be added to our media contact list to receive current information on women's surfing and our quarterly email newsletter Pipeline, please contact Bev Sanders at or call 831-620-0470 for details.

With permission from our guests, we'll also provide personal profiles and photos for your use.
Feel free to contact our marketing department for contemporary, informative stories on the following topics worth exploring:

Current Editorial Concepts

Las Olas, recognized as the world's premier surf safari for women, is born from the understanding that women attain confidence, health, friendship and fun through enjoying sports together. Las Olas provides an inclusive and supportive environment for all women to learn surfing.

Company Profiles
Las Olas founder, Bev Sanders, turns 50. A 25 year active sports industry veteran (co-founder of Avalanche Snowboards) and advocate for women in sports talks about what she plans to do when she grows up and why she wants to make girls out of women. ~ Bev acts against the auto/oil industry when her electric car she's been driving for five years is recalled by the GM due to special interest lobbying. For San Francisco Chronicle article and photo of electric car contact ~ The life of traveling surf instructors. ~ How and why women choose to fearlessly move about our planet in search of waves.

Women Surfing
The new surfing demographic: adult women. The average age of the Las Olas guest is 35, but guests range in ages from 13 to 70. The adult woman surfer is maturing and challenging herself. ~ A woman leaves surfing as a teen, then comes back to catch her first wave in 30 years, and the compelling reason why she does it. ~ A former Las Olas guest quits the corporate life in favor of meaningful work helping her community and doing the things she loves.
Girls Who Surf and Their Relationships
Mothers and daughters find a new way to connect through surfing together. Generations of daughters, moms and grandmothers catching waves and seeing each other in exciting, new roles. Ages have ranged from 13 to 60, often bringing together generations. ~ How and why women learn surfing better from other women, without the influence of men.

What surfer girls see as cool is often leading the mainstream trends ~ How the "I made this from something I already had" style and recycled chic is driving trends for personal and working digs. ~ How surfing connects us with a simpler lifestyle.

Surf Culture
How women help temper the once violent and territorial vibe at local line-ups. ~ An industry that once touted females as merely an accessory to the surfboard now find the female market the fastest growing segment of the sport.

How the process of empowerment, through the connection with surfing, further enables women to speak up on behalf of their families, communities, and the health of our planet. ~ What surfers should fear more than sharks. ~ The importance of sun protection.

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