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Years ago, while floating in the ocean watching for the set, Marilyn Edwards, then editor of Wahine magazine, gave me some generous advice; "As women, we instinctively know how to care for people. Even though this is your first safari, like a mother with a new baby, you'll know what to do." She sensed I was nervous, but her words of encouragement inspired me to to let it flow and focus on the richness of the Las Olas experience. Our very first guest review came from her. “Las Olas is a five star experience,” she reported in her women's surf magazine. She confirmed we were doing it right.

From that point on, we've never stopped refining our safaris because I felt it is essential to introduce women to surfing effortlessly. This means being prepared so we can enjoy the company of our guests and remain flexible enough to experience things at a natural pace. Last season, our guests gave us more five star ratings than ever, and more tears at goodbye time. While we're certainly not a fuo fuo spa, we were described by the San Francisco Chronicle, as “the Golden Door of Surf Camps”. That's far too generous, but I think it says we're doing something right.
– Bev

November 2003 Crew: Sandra, Meagan, Katy, Lara, Kara, and Bev
(Karla and Alayna absent)

Guest Reviews

"Not one, not even two, but THREE times I've thoroughly enjoyed Las Olas. …words can't express how much fun it is to arrive as a woman, and leave as a girl! I better get working on trip number four!"

Barbara – wife, mom, volunteer & philanthropy – La Jolla, CA

We asked some of our guests what they thought about their Las Olas trip and here's what we got back:
“My excursion was absolutely amazing! The surf instructors and Mike were so very hospitable and helpful it really made the trip for me. I will certainly consider this trip (and the Artista Safari ) again and will recommend it to all my friends and colleagues as a fantastic ‘get away’ from the hectic pace of life.”
Sales, New Orleans, LA, June 2005 Safari

“Cheers to the phenomenal crew at Las Olas...after my THIRD trip back to your amazing camp, I can safely say that you provide the most well rounded and rewarding vacation experience! From the surf instruction to the villas — everything was perfectly organized and incredibly fun. You guys are rock stars!”
Rachel- Head of Sales, Curious Pictures, New York, NY

“I have to admit, I thought Las Olas would be a pleasant vacation that would allow me to get some much needed rest and relaxation. Just the opposite! I voluntarily got up every morning to watch the sunrise, pushed my body to a point I haven't felt since I was a teenager and came back home with an attitude of wanting to take care of myself and maintain the smile and energy I had found when I was there.

This was the first vacation I had ever taken where I didn't need another vacation to recover from it. I highly recommend this trip to every woman who wants to rediscover her 'younger' self again...”
Patricia- Financier, New York, NY

“I didn’t expect the needle on my confidence tank to go right up to FULL. I had no idea how empowered I would feel just by doing a half-way decent pop-up. I couldn’t have imagined the relief I would experience being surrounded by non-judgemental chicks and not having to worry about my imperfect body or wet bullet-heat/no makeup face and hot sauce-stained bathing suit. It was such a load off my usually self-conscious mind.”
Elizabeth- Graphic Designer, E. Patchogue, NY

“My favorite aspect of this trip... WE CAME AS WOMEN, WE LEFT AS GIRLS!”
Judy- Deputy District Attorney, Long Beach, CA